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    Coated titanium electrode, also called insoluble titanium electrode. It is commonly known as DSA (Dimensionally Stable Anode) or DSE (Dimensionally Stable Electrode) at home and abroad. It is a new electrode material with high efficiency and energy saving ability and it has been developing in the 1960s.
    Industry applicatio
    Coated titanium electrode has been widely used in many fields. Such as electrochemistry, electro-metallurgy, chlor-alkali, electrolytic copper foil, organic electrosynthesis, industrial electroplating, water treatment, cathodic protection and so on. In the unknown future, the field of aqueous electrolysis could use the coated titanium electrode.
    Technology and R & D
    Ao Titanium will always adhere to the core values of quality as the core and innovation as the soul to strive ahead continually. We committed to providing excellent electrolysis technology and services for customers in the industry based on electrochemical technology. 


    Shaanxi  Ao Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Ao Titanium  is a service enterprise that mainly engaged in international trade. The main products are titanium processed products and semi-finished products, metal mineral products, metal material and so on...
    The size of positive pole is stable. The distance between the electrodes is constant during the electrolysis process that can ensure the stability of electric tank pressure.
    The working voltage is low, the energy consumption is small, and the direct current consumption can be reduced by 10%-20%. 
    The non-corrosive working life of positive pole  is long. It can be used in chlor alkali industry for 6 years, while the traditional graphite is only 8 months.
    It can raise  the current density  to improve  the efficiency and output.  The traditional graphite in chlor alkali industry is 8A/dm2, while the titanium electrode can reach 17A/dm2.
    It can  overcome problem of dissolving    soluble anode such as graphite, lead and so on to pollute the electrolyte.
    The base metal titanium is insoluble and can be used repeatedly after recoating to reduce the use cost of the electrode. The profiles are easy to process and can produce high-precision products.  
    The Application case of ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium electrode for landfill leachate by electrolytic method
    Project Name: Landfill Leachate Treatment Project of EnvironmentalProcessing method: pretreatment system + A / O + two-stage electrochemical + A / OCOD content: 1600mg / LAmmonia nitrogen content: 2000mg / LProcessing capacity: 50 tons / dayThe pollutants contained in the project are complex, it acc
    September 18, 2019
    The Application case of mmo titanium anode strip / titanium conductive strip in sandy environment
    Mmo titanium anode belt is the auxiliary anode commonly used in external current cathodic protection. It can be applied in many environments, such as seawater, soil, reinforced concrete, sandy soil and saline-alkali environment. The application cases of MMO titanium anode strips provided by Shaanxi
    July 11, 2019
    The Application case of mmo tubular anode in seawater environment
    The commonly used MMO tubular anode (also called noble metal oxide coated titanium tube anode) is used in seawater, freshwater and other environments. The design of our company has a conservative service life of more than 50 years. We can also customize the specifications and service life according
    February 06, 2019
    阴极保护 (钛带).png
    titanium anode for cathodic protection
    Due to the different purposes of diagnosis and treatment, the structure of the medical X-ray equipment is different. In general, however, the X-ray apparatus is composed of an X-ray generating device, an X-ray imaging device, and an attached device.1. An X-ray generating device is a device that perf
    April 20, 2016
    PCB copper plating type: special iridium metal oxide mixture coating
    The laboratory equipment is the latest comprehensive analyzer in China. One instrument can satisfy C, S, Mn, P, Si, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, Ti, V, Al in steel and its alloy materials. , W, Nb, Mg, total amount of rare earth, Co and other elements are detected. There are five large channels (and can be set t
    May 25, 2019
    sodium Hypochlorite Generator Anode for swimming pool
    Swimming is a sport that integrates entertainment and fitness. And water in swimming pool with health, comfort and safety will bring body enjoyment to swimmers. Since the human body produces a large amount of dirt and secretions during people in the swimming pool water, and various bacteria and path
    November 08, 2019




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