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Electrode For Pool Salt Water Chlorinator

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For decades, chemicals containing hypochlorite have been widely used to disinfect swimming pools, but it is easily to cause chlorine odors, red eyes, skin irritation and hair damage.
The salt water chlorine system for a swimming pool uses sodium chloride (table salt) for chlorine, and applies a small electrical voltage across two points in the water (inside the generation cell) to generate Cl·, ·OH, ClO-, and O3.
This swimming pool chlorine generator is convenient of using salt water and a chlorine generating cell to provide the sanitizer for day to day use and maintenance of the pool. Salt water feels softer on the skin and is less irritating to skin, eyes, and bathing suits than traditional chlorine treatments. It is a safer, simpler and cost effective disinfection route.
Since the salt level in your pool remains constant the process will repeat itself in that you can continue to create chlorine as you need it. keep your pool in the range of 1-3ppm free chlorine at all times.

Titanium electrode for swimming pool chlorine generator parameters:

Item Name

Titanium electrode for swimming pool salt water chlorine generator;

MMO electrode for swimming pool chlorine generator;

Titanium anode for pool and SPA chlorination.

Base Material

Gr1/Gr2 Titanium, meet ASTM B265 standard


Ru-Ir coating, Ir-Ta coating, Ru-Ti coating

Coating Thickness


Dimension & Shape

Sheet, mesh, tube, ribbon, bar, etc.meshes,plate,tube,wire, bar,ects.

Different dimension and shape is available, or according to client's drawings.

Working Equipment

swimming pool salt water chlorine generator

Working life



Sand blasting,Acid washing,Brush Coating, Sintering


1) Stable working ability under high current density & Voltage

2) High electrolysis efficiency

3) Stable electrolysis ability

4) High anti-corrosion property

5) The base material can be recycled and recoated with MMO for reuse

6) Longer working life etc.

Applications Fields

Swimming pool disinfection;

Swimming pool chlorine generator; 

Swimming pool salt water chlorine generator;

Salt water chlorine generator; 

Salt chlorine generator; 

Pool and SPA Chlorination; 

salt water chlorine generator; 

salt water system

swimming pool equipment.


ISO 9001;

Test report. 





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