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Platinum Electrode For Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer

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Parameters of platinum electrode for hydrogen rich water ionizer:
Substrate material:Gr1 Ti
Electrode column: Gr1 Ti
Electrode column connection: welding, spot welding or screw fixation
Coating process: high temperature sintering
Coating composition: platinum
Precious metal coating thickness: 0.25-5 µm
Operating temperature: = 65oC
Operating pH: 2-12
Operating current density: = 2000A / m2
Coating Features: Platinum and titanium substrate combined with a solid, stable performance, high output current density,long operating life
Shapes: mesh, plate, tubular, rod, wire, or customized
High corrosion resistance, long operating lifespan, anode dimensional stable,insoluble electrode, high current density, low operating voltage; low energy consumption, high production capacity; DSA light weight, reduce labor intensity; the base metal titanium can be reused.

Water is an indispensable component of human body, but 99.9% of the Earth's available water resources are lacking of hydrogen. The hydrogen-rich water which can help people remove free radical is little. It is because of the hydrogen-rich water's antioxidant properties and scarcity, the production of hydrogen-rich water is necessary.

Electrolysis of water, that is, water generates hydrogen and oxygen through the direct current power. Some hydrogen is dissolved into water in electrolysis process, and the hydrogen-rich water is formed. The water dissolved water has a strong reduction capability, it can neutralize the body's blood and cells of reactive oxygen species (free radicals), remove the free radicals in the skin of the body, to avoid the skin within the network of fibrin from damage, so that the skin is  protected. It also has these functions, such as whitening, losing weight, enhancing lipid metabolism, curing diseases and other effects.

The core part of hydrogen electrolysis equipment is electrolytic cell, while the electrode material is the key to the electrolytic cell. As the anode area is of strong acid character in the process of electrolysis, the electrode must be acid and corrosion proof. Therefore, it can not use nickel, iron and other cheap materials, but to use platinum-plated electrode.


Standard: "electrolysis water machine CAS124-2007" "electrolytic cell anode coating HG / T2471-2011"

Condition: 0.5mol/ H2SO4; temperature: (40±1)oC; anode current density:2.0A / cm2, anode surface area:1.0 cm2, electrodes distance: 1.0 cm,

Adhesion: wipe the electrode surface with filter paper no foreign material; 

Uniformity : X-ray fluorescence spectrometer = 10%

Applications: hydrogen-rich cups, electrolysis water cups; hydrogen-rich generators; 


1. To protect the coating surface against scratching, collision, grinding in transportation or installation process, prevent from oil, strong corrosive substances, deformation and other effects on the titanium electrode.

2. To avoid short circuit between the anode and cathode, should not reverse the direction of the electrode .

3. In strict accordance with the norms of the operation, the current is too large, the voltage is too high, a sudden power off, the solution concentration is too high, temperature, impurity ions and other factors will affect the coating titanium electrode effect.





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