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The Application case of mmo tubular anode in seawater environment

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The Application case of mmo tubular anode in seawater environment

The commonly used MMO tubular anode (also called noble metal oxide coated titanium tube anode) is used in seawater, freshwater and other environments. The design of our company has a conservative service life of more than 50 years. We can also customize the specifications and service life according to the actual engineering design needs of customers. There is an example of a cathode-protected mmo tubular anode used by customers in Southeast Asian countries for bridge corrosion protection in seawater environments.

Basic technical parameters

1. Anode base material: TA1 industrial pure titanium tube

2. Anode coating: iridium tantalum mixed oxide coating (mmo oxide)

3, customer requirements service life: 25 years (25 years life, we can generally reach 30 years and above)

4. Current output: 3.5A current output (current density 37A / m²)

5. Anode tube size: diameter 25.4mm x 1220mm,

6. Other requirements: Exposed MMO size 2''x48 '', welding conductive joints, and connecting 10 meters 10mm2 HMWPE cable

7. Quantity: 200



The anode coating protection part is protected by kraft paper and plastic mesh tube cover. After the cable part is naturally curled, it is wrapped and fixed by cling film. Then the woodworker will customize the wooden box according to the quantity and weight of the anode. .

Third, the use characteristics of mmo tubular anode

1. It adopts electrochemical anti-corrosion, which can effectively protect the protected body;

2. It has long service life, maintenance-free during the life;

3.Its structures that can meet large protection currents, structures that implement cathodic protection in a large area, and structures that have high environmental dielectric resistivity

4. Our company has many years of technical experience and production experience, and provides anode return repair coating technical services with guaranteed after-sales service.




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