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Shaanxi  Ao Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Ao Titanium  is a service enterprise that mainly engaged in international trade. The main products are titanium processed products and semi-finished products, metal mineral products, metal material and so on. The main export markets are Asia and Russia. , Western Europe, the United States, etc. Ao Titanium has more than 30 employees, including business department, purchasing department, finance department, design department, administration department, quality department and other departments.  “Market-oriented, technology-based development, quality-based survival  and manage benefits”  is the internal management theory of Ao Titanium and the external business theory  is that “Honesty is the best policy and mutual win-win cooperation”. Ao Titanium advocates the principle of " Respect talents, make the best use of them” and constantly strengthening the talent management mechanism combining incentives and constraints to create an elite Management team. Ao Titanium continue to serve customers worldwide with high-quality products and  to be an influential international trading company.
 The research and development of electrode materials with high chlorine evolution efficiency and long life.
 The research and development of electrode materials for oxygen evolution with high acidity and long life.
 The research and development of new electrode materials for mixed acid systems.
 The research and development of hyperoxia super-based metal electrode materials.
 The research and development of electrode materials in special field.


Shaanxi  Ao Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd is located in the xian New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a private hi-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing rare metal chemical equipment , insoluble anodes, electrolytic synthesis equipment..After years' efforts, it has developed insoluble electrode materials including ruthenium-coated titanium anode, iridium-coated titanium anode, platinum- coated titanium anode, and lead dioxide-coated titanium anode which can be applied in many different electrolyzing systems. It is widely used in many fields, including the industries of chemical engineering, metallurgy, and environmental protection. AOTI overseas customers spread throughout the U.S.A., the U.K., South Korea. Furthermore, the company is highly regarded by its international customers. We look forward to partnering with new organizations to continue to contribute to the industry.We are devoted to the corporate principles of pioneering, enterprise, realism, and innovation. We strive to put customers and quality first, with a guarantee of excellent service. We look forward to working together to creating a bright future




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 Room 1601, R & D Park, Gaoxin District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province