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titanium anode for cathodic protection

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titanium anode for cathodic protection

Relevant parameters of titanium anode 

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Cathodic protection is an important method to prevent metal corrosion. It includes sacrificial anode and impressed current cathodic protection. Although the two protection methods are different, their principle is to form electron accumulation on the surface of the protected metal components, reduce their corrosion potential so as to inhibit the occurrence of corrosion. After the 50s, the technology of impressed current cathodic protection has developed rapidly, and its application field has been expanding. The product is mainly used for mixed metal oxide anode of impressed current cathodic protection system. It is sintered on titanium substrate on a layer of noble metal oxide with good flexibility, corrosion resistance and high conductivity, such as IrO2 / Ta2O5. According to the service life and current output coating thickness, it is generally 1-8 μ m, characterized by high current output density and very low consumption rate [3-6mg / (a.a)]. Its shape is generally mesh, strip, tubular and linear. Its application field is suitable for ships, buried and underwater pipelines in sea water. At the same time, it is also widely used for steel piles and concrete foundations, bridges, chemical containers, heat exchangers, metal sheaths of buried cables and offshore platforms and so on.

Relevant parameters of titanium anode

Product system:

AOTI designs different anode coating systems according to different application environment, corrosion potential, corrosion current and anode life, specifically including precious metal oxide coating and platinum plating coating. We can also customize the titanium electrode products according to the individual needs of customers.

Relevant parameters of titanium anode for cathodic protection:

Substrate: titanium (GR1, Gr2, TA1, TA2), tantalum, niobium

Shape: net, rod, tube, wire, plate, etc

Anode product: oxygen evolution environment or chlorine evolution environment, or mixture of the two

Size: customized according to customer's requirements, also can provide customer solutions

Coating material: mixed metal oxide (MMO coating) or electroplated platinum (PT coating)

Suitable environment: coke, soil, concrete, salt water, fresh water, sea water




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